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Zawadi Noël
Dec 16, 2020
In Conversation on Comics
This forum is intended to be a space for members of the MyHeroComics family. Some of you have commissioned wondrous, hilarious, and imaginative comic pages to honor and highlight your loved ones. You have come back time and time again, building your single-paged comics into something far more expansive and amazing. Many of you are students I have worked with over the last decade. You shone brightly back then, and have continued to do so across the country and the world. I hope you will consider this online space as a think tank, a comfy couch, and a special art studio where you can unpack and explore your new creative ideas, as well as support and encourage the creative ideas of others. MyHeroComics has always been about creating art, creating stories, and creating unique visual moments to honor people, and to build and fortify communities. With this forum you will be able to upload and share artwork, receive feedback from me, Zawadi, and other members of this community. More importantly, you will be able to build community with one another. All of this being said, I welcome you to this space as members of the MyheroComics Cartooning Club!
Welcome cartoonists, comic enthusiasts, and all you heroic-hearted people. content media

Zawadi Noël

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