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Shape Up!

After years of friends encouraging me to join Skillshare, I finally did it. A created a class about my favorite subject- character design! Friends and family know I love video games, but that I don't play them very often. Now, if a video game has a character customization feature, then I am buying it without fail...even if I never play past the character creation screen.

In any case, I chose to create a class all about making characters out of combining shapes. I used to get so lost in my own designs- flustered in many cases. The designs would just be too ornate and complex for my own good. As I've gotten older, I have realized just how much easier my process is if I can simplify my designs into shapes.

So, I created a class about it, and now I have the task of telling folks it exists! So, here I am doing exactly that. If you have read all of this, then go and check out my Skillshare class.

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