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You're My Hero! Series

Start Date

     Oct. 17 (1pm-3pm) EST



      15 Students








Program Overview

Myherocomics Custom Comics are created to showcase and honor loved ones by highlighting their strengths and personality within a short visual narrative. These stories often blend real life memories with fantasy elements. Over the course of this 8-week program, we will explore best practices and techniques to confidently create a one-of-a-kind Myherocomics Custom Comic of your own. Join in and make a gift that simply can’t be beat!

Series Breakdown

Session 1 - (Sunday Oct.17, 1pm-3pm): Finding our Hero
In this session we will be identifying our hero's for our comic, and creating reference folders to help us best capture our hero's likeness.
Session 2 - (Sunday Oct.24, 1pm-3pm): Finding our Story
In this session we will be sharing story ideas that best highlight our hero, and looking at how we can infuse elements of fantasy.
Session 3 - (Sunday Oct.31, 1pm-3pm): Mapping Major Moments In this session we will be selecting key moments from our stories to best showcase our hero while moving the stories forward.
Session 4 - (Sunday Nov.7, 1pm-3pm): Locking in the Layout In this session we will be exploring page layout and panel design to best frame our stories, and to enhance emotional beats, in comic form.

Session 5 - (Sunday Nov.14, 1pm-3pm): Setting the Stage
In this session we will be focusing on the environments and backgrounds in our comics. We will look at different points of view and angles we can use to make our comics dynamic.
Session 6 - (Sunday Nov.21, 1pm-3pm): Heightening the Heroism In this session we will be reviewing, revising, and refining our comics using a range of advanced compositional techniques.
Session 7 - (Sunday Nov.28, 1pm-3pm): Composing the Cover Page In this session will be composing a splash page (single panel comic page) that best encapsulates the story of our comic. 
Session 8 - (Sunday Dec.5, 1pm-3pm): Publishing and Presentation In this session we will be sharing our final versions of our comics with one another. We will then explore different gifting ideas, self publishing options, custom merchandise and companion pieces.

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