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Program Overview

Project-based Leaning

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Myherocomics Cartooning Clubs are scaffolded to facilitate participants' understanding of art techniques,  community building, and entrepreneurship. Each session builds upon the last encouraging participants to take on greater responsibility as they work towards publishing a customized art-ed activity book.

Youth-led Instruction

Each session of the program is designed to incorporate feedback provided by participants. This informs the graphic novels, manga, and anime clips discussed and studied in the club.

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Over the course of the series, participants are provided training and encouragement to lead these in-class discussions. 

Academic Integration

In order to reinforce reading comprehension and writing composition, Myherocomics Cartooning Clubs provide participants with a tailor-made library of graphic novels and manga. Through in-class writing challenges, participants get to earn and take home many of their favorite titles. This creates a fun environment for participants to study, analyze, and reflect on literature. 

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