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Myherocomics Cartooning Club

The Myherocomics (MHC) Cartooning Club is a series of art classes available to students grades 5 thru 12. This series provides art instruction, while exploring community, through the subject of heroes, havens, and history. This series is available to schools, community centers, and small private groups. Please check the links below to learn more!

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Private instruction and mentorship are available to artists of all ages. Lessons range from improving drawing skills and portfolio development to self-publishing and merchandise development. These lessons are completely customizable based on the artist's goals.

Rates are available upon request.


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This class is an introduction to shape language as it relates to character design. The class will focus on the use of the triangle as a fundamental shape. Within this class students will explore the application of this shape to structural design, cosmetic design, and style.

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